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Earl Grey Tea in Pop Culture

Did you know that Earl Grey isn’t just a delicious tea blend but also a common pop culture reference? It’s true; earl grey is enjoyed by more fictional characters than you may think. The most popular and well known fan of this tea is none other than Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Picard is the captain in the second Star Wars series titled Star Wars: The Next Generation. Fans of the series will recognize the request the captain makes to the replicators on board the star ship – “Earl Grey, Hot.” His love for the tea goes so far that a fellow crew member once made the suggestion that he switch to a herbal blend for health reasons. Drinking Earl Grey isn’t dangerous but more than 5 glasses a day can begin to take a toll on the body because of the caffeine. Earl Grey Tea seems to pop up everywhere!

The Dark Knight is also a huge fan of earl gray; in the Batman comics, Bruce Wayne drinks the tea regularly. Another comic book earl grey drinker is Psylocke from X-Men. Her ‘real’ name is Elizabeth Braddock and while best known as a member of the X-Men, she first rose to fame by taking her brother’s place as Captain Britain. For fans of Japanese cartoons, or manga, Mr. 3 and Sanji from the popular One Piece series both enjoy earl grey in the afternoon. Another popular manga & anime series called Death Note has two character who enjoy the famous blend: L and Watari.

If you’re more a fan of literature, try this one on for size. One of the major villains in the best selling Da Vinci Code, Sir Leigh Teabing, drank early grey often as did Trent from Dead Witch Walking. Even Weird Al Yankovic made a reference to it during his hit track “White & Nerdy” on the Straight out of Lynwood album! By now you should be gaining an appreciation of just how diverse an audience this simple blend of tea and bergamot has gained throughout the world in very diverse cultures ranging from the Far East to American music, comic, and literature circles. There are literally dozens of other references to “Old Sticky” as earl grey is known in the United Kingdom, can you find them? If so leave them in the comments section below!